Working Interactively

What follows is a description of the RivaSure Interactive Service, briefly how it can help you and how it works in practice.


RivaSure have been assisting construction site managers and supervisors to achieve their professional managerial competence cards via the CSCS Profiled Route since it was introduced in 2010 (Black & Gold Cards) This was and still is the only way that many in the industry who lack suitable qualifications could achieve their competence cards.

RivaSure have todate delivered the CSCS Profiled Route as a nationwide distance learning service via email and email attachments. Each registered candidate receives a starter pack which includes the first part of our guidance material and a blank CSCS Applicant Evidence Sheet (AES) as supplied by the CSCS. The candidate is instructed to read the guidance notes and to return their answers to us for feedback, a unit or a question at a time. The reviewer in turn also writes his comments into the AES document and returns it back to the candidate. This process is repeated for each question until it is complete and can be signed off by the reviewer.

I’m pleased to say a great many of our candidates have had complete success with this route. However, not all who have contemplated this route have found it easy to step up their writing skills to the required level of writing and an even greater number have had a problem understanding precisely what the question was asking and to what level the answer should be given. So it’s no surprise when so many who would like to register for the course do not do so. This problem is not uncommon even for some of the best construction professionals and  is perfectly natural. However such problems can be overcome with the right support and guidance.

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Our Approach

It was while giving some candidates individual assistance during one of our recent workshops, it occurred to me that not all candidates were confident in writing up their answers in the session even with the help of our guidance material. However, by giving these candidates a little individual attention in the form of one to one feedback and encouragement to write their own story, they were able to progress much better.

Now, providing such a one to one assistance for a nationwide service is clearly impractical and not cost affective. However, with the help of technology we can today setup an on-line solution primarily designed to simplify the writing process for the candidate and thus help kick the process. In our experience the only major obstacle is getting started. If you can start then you will finish!

Interactive Writing & Feedback

We have created this online guidance tool by quite simply publishing our latest guidance material to a new interactive website and combined this with a secure interactive writing pad for each answer to be composed. Once you have logged in with your username and password you can immediately start writing in the integrated interactive environment. As each question is selected the relevant guidance note  can be seen at the top of page as you write your answer in the interactive pad below.

Writing in this interactive environment is as simple as writing an email or typing a text. However, the text that you write here in this space can also be viewed at any time by your reviewer. Simply notify your reviewer that you would like to arrange an interactive session either with a phone call, an email or by using the integrated chat service. Here are a couple of scenarios you may identify with;

go Interactive

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Another scenario;

You have completed a question and you now would like your reviewer to take a look and to give you feedback. So you write a short message in the ‘chat’ text message box at the bottom right of the writing pad. Your message may read “I have completed question A1. I await your feedback. Thanks.”. You login the next day and you see your reviewer had added a few comments in a different colour. In some sessions you are keen to get a quicker response so you notify your reviewer that you are ready for feedback by sending a phone text or an email.

Saving Your Work 

Current sessions will be automatically saved and be there for you when you return. Also your previous sessions are automatically saved (or saved on demand) as ‘Saved Revisions’ should you ever need to review previous work.

As each question is answered it will be signed off and saved into your CSCS Applicant Evidence Sheet by your reviewer. You will be encouraged to move on to the next question. You are also advised to take a backup copy yourself as and when you complete each questions, exporting to your own workstation. Your content can be saved or reloaded by copy and paste or by using the import/export button.

Almost Done!

When all questions have been completed and signed off then you are almost done! All that remains is for you to scan and email your reviewer any qualifications and certificates you may have.

The key to successfully completing your application quickly and without unnecessary pain is down to you receiving good guidance and support so that you can confidently submit your application knowing that you have reached the level as required by the CSCS. An interactive service such as this one whereby you have convenient access to guidance material and also to an experienced expert who will help you achieve success competently whatever the obstacle.

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